Saturday, November 5, 2011

simple bow nail tutorial

i'm going to start by saying i'm sorry, i had my camera on while i did my second hand but when i finished i looked and it was off. it ran out of batteries somewhere in the middle and i didn't notice.
second these are not how i would have liked for them to turn out. it is very different using this on yourself as apposed to on someone else, the bows came out crooked (though i just kept doing them crooked to match) and i don't know why my gel is drying so strangely.
this is just not my day to shine ~

but onto the tutorial

first is everything you will need
  • nail polish of your choice (i picked Lacey Lilac from idk the brand. it's the round bottles at Walgreens)
  • nail stamp plates, stamper, and scrapper (i use Konda products)
  • rhinestones
  • UV gel
  • UV lamp
  • cotton balls
  • nail polish remover
  • a stick to pick up the rhinestones with
now, onto the steps ~

step one
paint your nails. do not put a top coat on (unless you really want to. it's uneeded)
allow to dry completely

step two
get your nail stamp art tools out, again i use Konda
(you can buy it online or at the Irvine Spectrum Center in Orange)
i am using the simple bow stamp on this wheel

step three
paint the stamp you want to use with a small amount of stamp approved nail polish
you cannot use normal nail polish as it's not thick enough, i have not tried letting my nail polish thick and then using it and don't plan too- but i hear it works

step four
scrape the excess nail polish off with your scrapper tool

step five
stamp the pattern with the stamping tool
this is not a good stamp as you can clearly see, it's imperfect and there is cotton ball residue on it. i did not use this stamp but forgot to take a photo of a clean stamp so- you get the idea.

step six
roll the stamper onto your nail, ROLL do not stamp it on straight down. and then you get this.

step six and a half
use a cotton ball and nail polish remover to clean the plate, stamper, and scrapper if there is a lot of nail polish build up on it- but rubbing the scrapper on paper towel is just as good

step seven
repeat on all nails

step eight
put a very very light coating of UV gel over all your nails, place rhinestones as desired, then put a little more gel on top. cure for 180seconds

and ta-da you're done ~

i am satisfied with like... 5/10 nails... yeah pretty bad. i have only ever used this once before on myself (though many times on fake nails and other people) and i have to say IT IS AMAZINGLY more difficult on yourself. the angles are all messed up, and i can't see as well. uhg i am not happy with these "simple" nails.
they look better now that i'm less mad at life though. ha!

anyway, again, sorry about the lack of video. i might do a short one on a fake nail just to add to this. most likely i will. so that'll be out tomorrow if i do it... mmm

good luck


  1. I've never heard about nail stamps, such a great idea! Thanks for this tutorial.

  2. they really are. the first time i saw them i was like "yeah right, that's such a scam it wont work" but then it did and i was like "i /need/ those"
    so i have like 6 plates now lol

  3. I'm happy to see that you still have this and use it. Your nails look amazing as ever. I sent you a Christmas card. I hope you're well.