Friday, November 25, 2011

i finally got my ear done

today i got my left ear done, i have 10 piercings now in my left ear. i will go back and do my right once this one is comfortable to sleep on again.
i went to Mos Eisleys, and they are a bit on the pricey side- but i honestly believe it's worth it. this cost me $250 + tip, and while i know i could have gotten cheaper or free
*a little bit on DIY piercings- don't do it unless you seriously know what you're doing have gotten at least 5 done on yourself and watched it be done to many others. and have ALL the professional equipment. it's not so much about making the hole that is difficult, it's the after care. don't take it lightly. it can go very wrong very fast, especially if you do as many as i did. swelling and infection is so hard to deal with if you're an idiot, and will cost you way more to fix then getting it done right the first time.*

i just felt like- i should do it safe and smart this time. really, if i spend $500 on a dress i never wear $250 is not too much for ears i use every day. right?
again, seriously, don't DIY pierce unless you know what you're doing.
not saying don't do it. just saying research, buy the right equipment, and learn before hand.

let's start by saying goodbye to my old ear. 4 simple piercings, or more 3 simple plus a tragus. which i got done at the same place.

we discussed what i wanted, and where i wanted them. he didn't understand what i wanted for the vertical helix's, which makes sense they're not a super common piercing right now (especially where i live omg haha) and told me if i wanted to back off half way he'd refund me- i didn't have to commit to it just because i'd paid all ready.

i kind of laughed, mainly because when i was 14 i did this before (i had 24 piercings in my ears when i was 14/15. my mom bribed me to take them out hahaha). except it was all lobe helix work, but i wasn't really that nervous. when i was in LA i got my tragus, rook, tongue, and navel done in 1 sitting as well- i'm a go big or go home girl.

BUT onto getting it done.
i did rook, forward helix, 3 vertical helix, normal helix. in case you wondered.

most of my photos look like i'm sleeping, just chillin' out. i really like getting piercings.

and of course i love photos of the actual random needle just sitting there

the pain was like a 3-4/10, just not bad at all. if it were longer or constant it'd be more. but i didn't tear up or scream or anything. it's like a 1.5-2/10 now. constant throbbing. grr
it was a bit much, i did take a break after my forward, drank some water. my legs were a bit weak and my stomach hurt- and i did feel my heart beating a bit faster than normal. but nothing bad.
if i'd eaten before i went i wouldn't have felt anything i'm sure.

it was pretty quick, was done in like 40minutes. then i went to the mall and got some new jewelry for my lobes. the pearls don't really go with all the metal.

all in all totally worth it. can't wait to go back to get my jewelry switched and my other ear done.

and the final product ~

it hurts went i smile and chew though. jeez

video if you are too lazy to read? idk


  1. Piercings piercings PIERCINGS. <333 Guh. I wish I could go bananas with those things, but my career won't really allow for 'unprofessional' features. ; _ ; Dammit.

    And wow-- you really ARE a champ with getting piercings: you look crazy-calm in those pics. (Also, on a separate note entirely, you're hair looks great!)

    I'm glad you talked about not doing self-piercing: a few dumb friends of mine did that in middle shool, years ago, and were okay. They tried it again in high school, and one of them had to spend a ridiculous amount of $$ on medical expenses to keep her ear looking the same as it did before the attempted piercing. *facepalm* That stuff can be dangerous if you're not sure what you're doing...

  2. Nox - thanks babe <3 and yeah i know how that goes. that's one of the reasons i do my ears, is because i do like the choice to look professional still.
    LOL thanks again, it wasn't so bad!

    i did all but 4 of them DIY when i had so many before. no problems at all except not perfect after care. it's really not that hard to do it right, but some people are just dumb so i try and stress it.