Friday, October 21, 2011

no circle lens post today

i have two pair in the mail, so i wont be posting it tonight. they are way late and i fear they're lost
Q ~ Q
also i am very tired.
so next weekend, hopefully.
sorry ~

it's cool though because my eye makeup was far less than perfect today


  1. Darn. *sad face* God knows I have, like, a fixation on lenses. Haha.

    Hrm....I guess there's no tracking on the parcel, since you're not quite sure where all it is. :/ Still, if it's from outside the U.S., it could always just be taking a while, which sometimes happens. :]

  2. yes, i don't know where they are but this is just getting... annoying. it should be here on tuesday at the latest (unless it's 6-20 days in which case next tuesday. uhg)
    and yes i know you do~ do you have a blog post of all your lenses? you must have like 2x more than me lol

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