Sunday, October 16, 2011

my wigs :3

so people ask me a lot how many wigs i own, what colors, where do i get them, how do i take care of them, etc. and i always answered, and thought "i should make a post somewhere". i've also been asked maaany times to make one- so here it is.
please note i have so many that i didn't really take the time to get a nice photo of each one, so some will be hilarious and awful. enjoy!

let's the the FQA on top

how much do your wigs cost : $20-$90 i think is the range my current wigs are in
where do you get them : real life. i only own two that i got online. i heavily suggest you find a wig store IRL for your wigs
why : because how a wig looks on a wig head, or someone else, is not how it will look on you
do you cut/style your own wigs : i cut the bangs, nothing more. unless they only need a slight trim or something. i am awful at styling synthetic hair, so i buy them in the style i want them.
do you wash them : lol no. i don't wear them often enough to need to.
do you own any human hair wigs : no. i see no point is spending that much money on something i will almost never wear.
can people tell they're wigs : 9/10 no. most people are wig retarded. now your cosplay, j-rock, lolita friends will be able to tell. but normal people... not really
how long do wigs last : depends on how often you wear them, and how well you take care of them
how do you store them : i keep them in a box, in a bag, in a hair net. the straight/short ones i just keep in a bag, no hair net.
why do you wear wigs : because my real hair can never be as amazing as all my wigs + extensions put together. i like to change my look a lot. also, wigs don't get oily. i always try to wear wigs to events because they wont start looking bad after a couple of hours like your real hair might.

onto the photos!

this is the box i store my wigs in- it's just a purple plastic bin. nothing special.
except two i keep on display, my two ones with falls. just because they look the nicest lol

and these are all the wigs i own (not really i have like 3 more but i am throwing them out. i just haven't yet because i am a hoarder)

and now- here i am in all my wigs

MintyMix wig
i got this wig on a whim, because i had hair falls in black and blonde. not a perfect match, but decently close. the hair falls i got IRL for my ex, but yeah
this wig sheds the most of any i own, but it is also by far the softest wig i have ever had

Gothic Lolita Wig's wig
i love this wig. it is super thick though, and it sheds a lot. but it's so soft.

short wig
idk just a short wig lol. i have no idea why the lighting is so awful in this. oh well.
i got this wig to make it a base wig, but i never got decent falls for it. so it ended up being a every day wig when my hair was super short.

brown curly wig 1
this wig was my every every every day wig when i had short hair. i have worn it well over 100 times, maybe ever 200. it's horribly dirty, the wig cap, from sliding on and off my heavily made up forehead.
i should throw it out, it's very nappy in the back, but i love it too much.

brown curly wig 2
i got this wig to replace the other one. but it's not as nice, darker, thinner, and the bangs wont do as i say! i have worn it like a handful of times.

blonde straight wig
i got this wig for my ex. but i kept it because i'm a hoarder.

blonde curly wig
i got this wig today! to replace the straight one. because i don't really like that one.
and it has falls ~
i did not get it as a set, it was all sold separately. this is my most expensive wig (this trio is like $90)

auburn wig
my GF gave me this. i love it. it's super thick. however it frayed a LOT so i can see why it was so cheap (i think it was like $20 or something crazy like that)

black wig
i got this wig when i was 13 or 14. i hate how i look with black hair.

and lastly my... weird blonde wig
i want to get rid of this wig. anyone want it? lol

and those are my wigs.


  1. Bah--- you are living my dream: you have so many wigs. ; _ ; And they're so nice. I actually really like that black wig on ya'~.

    Oohh, a MintyMix wig. <33 I faffing love those things. The colours always look gorgeouss.

    And dude, if you still are seriously trying to get rid of that last wig, lemme' know. ;P

  2. i am for real~ make me an offer, i need money ASAP so ~

  3. I really, really love the sort wig *o*