Thursday, October 13, 2011

my first tattoo

so on October 5th i got my first tattoo

these are the reference photos i brought with me

and this was my arm, before, when it was clean.

they started, of course, with the stencil.

then he did a really light outline of the moon, just so he wouldn't lose it, and then did the bats.

and then he did the lettering under that, and twisted my arm, and did that part, and we just kept going until it was done ~


and this is when i got home with it, showing off like a loser

i scabbed up really quickly, like within a day


but then started flaking within a few days later


and today i am all done with my scabbing, it's all gone.


i didn't pick any of them off, but maybe i washed them too hard and so they came off too fast? because the bats/letters aren't as dark as i'd like them to be.
so i'll go back on the 3rd of November to get it touched up, so that it will be healed by the 19th for my trip to Florida.

anyway, a quick FQA

pain level : uhhh like 2, it was not bad at all.
what does it feel like : cutting yourself with a dull razor blade. or a decent cat scratch.
did you bleed : yes. but not in a normal way, it bled like when you slide on your knees, or something. it was bleeding in little dots, not even droplets.
how long did it take : from when i got there to when i left it was like 2-3 hours? i was a walk in, no appointment. but the tattoo itself took around 60 minutes.
how much did it cost : mine was a gift, but it was like $100 or so? + tip
why did you pick that : i love Nightmare Before Christmas. and it was my most recent "idea" for what i wanted on me. and i was offered a free tattoo... so i went with it.
are you addicted now : very much so. i am getting the Disney castle when i go touch this one up, hopefully ~
i want a lot more now. i love how tattooing feels ~

and that's about it, really. i don't know.
feel free to ask questions.


  1. Congrats with your first tattoo!
    It's a nice one ♥
    And once you have one, you want to have more.
    I have two at the moment, but I want another one haha.

  2. Wow-- that's a gorgeous tat. o:

    This post is pretty awesome: I've never had someone actually try and explain the pain level involved with a tattoo. <3