Saturday, October 29, 2011

lucky score ~

today i was at Hobby Lobby, looking for a urn to put Marie's ashes in (which, no luck)
but as i was walking through the aisles i saw this beauty ~
and i sighed, $100 min i bet
but i checked anyway-
so i got it.
now she's all dressed up in my room.
her waist and boobs are way bigger than mine, but who's aren't?
still she fits AP okay, her boobs are wayyyy huge though.
but i like having my outfits on display.


  1. My mannequin is also way bigger than me, so some dresses can't be closed because of the bigger boob size xD

  2. i had that problem too, i had to undo the lacing in the back. it's not stretching out the shirring, thankfully, it just have to tighten it so much on me. lol.