Saturday, October 22, 2011

i'm going to be poor for like ever now

except not really, i'm going to be selling some of my Lolita stuff to get more money lol
but anyway, i went shopping again today and yesterday ~
i got the ~
  • Canon Rebel T2i
  • some Samsung that idr the name of anymore and can't be bothered to get it out
  • Urban Decay Naked palette
  • a makeup bag from Sephora
  • MAC carbon
  • MAC Print
  • MAC Infinitely Likable
  • Park Avenue Princess bronzer from tarte
  • mascara + eyelash primer from tarte
i got some other stuff from tarte but it was in the Sephora 500 point thing, so i didn't buy it. gave the rest of it to my mom lol.
i have thursday and friday off this week. so circle lens post should be up by friday ~

that's all really, i seriously need to cut back on the shopping so hopefully this will be the last of this for awhile.
but we all know it wont be. i have a problem.

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