Friday, October 14, 2011

i have a shopping addiction

and i spoil myself on a weekly basis. when i moved back home, before i got a job, i did not shop at all until i had a job and sold some of my Lolita stuff. do you know how long i went without shopping? nearly a month. unacceptable, that will never happen again ! unless i get poor again.

anyway, i got a huge amount of the stuff i ordered in the mail today, and feel like making another post, so i'll make it today. this is everything i've gotten sinceeee like Oct 6th to now.
(except my GF got me some stuff that i will make a separate post for because it's too adorbz for this one. this is just the ~fancy~ stuff she got me)

starting with what i bought for myself + what my girlfriend got me when we went to the mall.
it's all makeup, just to warn you.

we went to MAC and Sephora
i got for myself a lip gloss (like venus), lip stick (vivi glam gaga 2), blusher (pink swoon), and eyeshadow (phloof!)
and then at Sephora i got an eletric eyelash curler, and Laura Mercier translucent powder
and my lovely girlfriend got me a stippling brush and a travel brush set
she's so wonderful, i am such a lucky girl


next up is some of the stuff i ordered online

i got ~
some jewelry from Rivithead, which is where i mainly buy my shoes but lately i have been buying other stuff from them like purses, wallets, pants, and most recently jewelry ~
(if you're wondering wtf is going on with that crown ring i have it on top of another ring so it's more visible lol)
and another photo so you can see how huge all this stuff is on me. i swear it's all made for men.
i got two rings and a bracelet. the coffin, cross, and bat bracelet are from Rivithead
the crown ring is from eBay, it was stupidly expensive. but it is real silver. not that real silver is worth much. but i used to have this crown ring, that i got in 10th grade off some hxc kid that now works at the grocery store (lol) and then i gave it to my at the time GF when i was 16 and she never even wears it, lost it, and it makes me so mad. so i keep trying to find one that is as cool, but i can't, but this one is soooooo close so i had to get it.
(i have one more coffin ring in the mail, as well as a bat cross pendant)
anyway the Rivithead stuff came in these cute little boxes, so nice. and i can reuse them. i love that.

and then from H.naoto Blood i got this amazingly beautiful purse
which i edited the lighting a lot on so you can see details
but it really looks like this. it's like all black, with gray on the sides, but the front is like all black.

and thennn i got a UV light (finally!) for my nails. so i can to that on my own now ~
Spooky was being an investigator so i let him stay in the photo because he would not gtfo
(but isn't he cute?)

and i also got ..... the iPhone 4s!
got it today yes yes yes i am a happy me
and my adorable new case to go with it, i love it. the camera is so amazing, and it's so much faster than my 3gs. oh gosh
(look at the crazy difference in quality, i took all my other photos with my 4s, and this one with my 3gs jeez)

and... that's it.

happy shopping to me ~
(in totally this was like over $600 i think, don't judge me)