Saturday, October 29, 2011

lucky score ~

today i was at Hobby Lobby, looking for a urn to put Marie's ashes in (which, no luck)
but as i was walking through the aisles i saw this beauty ~
and i sighed, $100 min i bet
but i checked anyway-
so i got it.
now she's all dressed up in my room.
her waist and boobs are way bigger than mine, but who's aren't?
still she fits AP okay, her boobs are wayyyy huge though.
but i like having my outfits on display.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

short review for chibi_tenshi on LiveJournal

link to her Shopping Service PSA
link to her Shopping Service post
link to her LJ feedback
not that she needs any extra support, seeing as she has over 1000 positive notes and no negative on LiveJournal alone ~
but i don't feel people know exactly what they'll get when they shop with her, just that they'll get service that's easy.

i've been using Chibi for so long now, just buying from her on the sales comm or actually using her shopping service. her prices are super reasonable, she responds super quickly, and she's just a friendly person.

i contacted her on the 18th of October, casually asking her if she got things from Black Peace Now, as there was a purse on their site i wanted. she said she did, responded within the day.
she said she did, and but she'd be out of town in the near future so she'd be unable to get it for me on those dates, or ship or anything. i said i understood and would tell her when i knew i wanted it for sure. less than an hour later i did haha
i sent her just my LJ feedback, paypal and a link to the bag i wanted and she went to get it that same day.
if you have enough positive feedback or have worked with her before she wont charge you until after she has your item/all your items.
she invoiced me the next, and i paid, and she shipped.
this was all within a day and a half ~
4 days later it was here. and i have it now ~

she told me when she shipped and gave me a tracking number, and i always do EMS with her, it took 4 days for it to get to me
(it was about $20)
it came in a very sturdy box, taped up nice and tight

and inside was. . . ~
a Moi-meme-Moitie bag. how nice of her ~
i always buy Moitie from her, so i can't help but think she remembered this and sent me a Moitie bag instead of the BPN bag that she got with my purchase. i can't prove it, but what else would it be?

inside was my purse, which was inside it's own clean plastic bag.

to keep it short and simple, Chibi is amazing. i wouldn't use any other shopping service. if only she did auctions too ~
i love her.

on a side note i love the purse, it's so cute.
it's very small though, i will only be able to keep my phone, camera, and maybe wallet if i find a smaller one. LOL
oh well it's still cute, i usually carry two purses anyway ~

Saturday, October 22, 2011

i'm going to be poor for like ever now

except not really, i'm going to be selling some of my Lolita stuff to get more money lol
but anyway, i went shopping again today and yesterday ~
i got the ~
  • Canon Rebel T2i
  • some Samsung that idr the name of anymore and can't be bothered to get it out
  • Urban Decay Naked palette
  • a makeup bag from Sephora
  • MAC carbon
  • MAC Print
  • MAC Infinitely Likable
  • Park Avenue Princess bronzer from tarte
  • mascara + eyelash primer from tarte
i got some other stuff from tarte but it was in the Sephora 500 point thing, so i didn't buy it. gave the rest of it to my mom lol.
i have thursday and friday off this week. so circle lens post should be up by friday ~

that's all really, i seriously need to cut back on the shopping so hopefully this will be the last of this for awhile.
but we all know it wont be. i have a problem.

Friday, October 21, 2011

no circle lens post today

i have two pair in the mail, so i wont be posting it tonight. they are way late and i fear they're lost
Q ~ Q
also i am very tired.
so next weekend, hopefully.
sorry ~

it's cool though because my eye makeup was far less than perfect today

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

top 5 things every beauty lover should own

professional flat iron + a heat styling tool holder
heck, have multiple of both! and curling rods, irons, everything. and lots of them.
why professional? higher quality. i prefer ceramic.
i cringe every time i see someone use a drug store heat styling tool on their hair. might as well use an clothing iron.

professional blow drier + concentrator
why use a concentrator? well think of it this way, when you blow a pile of leaves from a distance don't the leaves just go everywhere? same principal. if you blow the air in a concentrated area in only one direction it wont damage your hair as much.
why professional? again, higher quality. especially with blow driers. drug store ones get way way way too hot, don't keep an even temp, and often don't even have heat / pressure settings. you should have at least 3 heat settings, and 2 pressure settings, as well as a blast cool button.

#3 a brush roll + huge makeup pallet
i don't really think brushes make a difference if they're natural hair or synthetic, i think my most expensive brush was $50. so just fill your roll with what you like. i keep a stippling brush, powder brush, foundation brush, fan brush, many different eyeshadow brushes, lip brush, angled powder brush, and spatula in mine. i also keep a mixing pallet with my brushes.
also, keep a Urban Decay Primer Potion with this. that makes all the difference. low quality eyeshadow? not with Primer Potion. ha

#4 UV light + UV gel
now this is really for the fake nailed ladies out there, but you can get this for $40 and it will literally last you forever or you can spend $15 every 2 weeks when you get your nails done. come on now.
i do use this on my natural nails too and it works just fine. shiny shiny ~

#5 a professional waxing kit
i used to use that microwave wax... never again. messy, unreliable temperature, it's just bad. this kit was $30, that's 1 eyebrow wax depending on where you go. at most 5. and will last you for so long. and it can be used anywhere. not just your eyebrows ~ wax is wax.
(idk what happened to mine but it spilled. i didn't even know cold wax could spill. guess i have to get a new one hahaha)

three more things i think everyone should have ~
a Clarisonic Mia from Sephora. i don't have one... yet. but i will!
a pair of professional sheers. or even ones from Sally's. it's always nice to be able to touch up your own hair. especially if you have straight across bangs that need to be touched up every week or so.
and last but not least ~
an electric eyelash curler. seriously, it will change your life.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

i didn't plan on shopping today

really, i didn't. my goal for today was to replace a wig of mine. which i got done, but then... i was still bored. so i just thought i'd walk around the mall.
bad idea.
or good idea.
i mean it's not like i over spent or anything.

okay anyway, this is the wig i wanted to replace
because i just don't like how it looks on me, i don't like that flipped out look

so i did, i replaced it with this wig
i love it. i think i look like an angel.

i also ended up getting a pair of circle lens, and eyelashes from the wig store
these were $30, instead of $20 like most of my circle lens are. but since i saved $10 on the wig (frequent buyer discount heck yes) it evens out. right? sure.

so then i went to the mall, because i was drinking a drink with lots of calories in it (uh-oh) and i feel better about drinking empty calories when i am walking around and moving.
the first 3-4 stores, nothing. there was nothing i wanted. but then i got to Charlotte Russe. and then Forever 21

at Charlotte Russe i got ~
this ring
which i don't usually get. cheap rings. because they turn you green. but this one is a bat- so it's okay.

and then i got.... shoes.

and they are amazing shoes. for a good price (buy one get one for $15.50)

first is a pair of stiletto boots, with lots of buckles

and the other ones are ~
freaking studs
they were like $45 or something but holy goodness, how could i not?
i don't even like strappy shoes, or open toe, but i had to make an exception for these.
had to.

then at Forever 21 i gotttttttt some more stuff

two rosaries
you can never have enough. especially when they're like $3-6

a hair brush and a picture frame
i am will put a picture of me and my GF in there <3

and a pair of shorts
because i only have one pair, and they're like plain black jean like material. so i got some.

AND that was my shopping adventure.
now it's time to clean my room.

oh, also, this is what i wore today.
the shirt is from Black Peace Now
the jeans are from Forever 21 (i think)
the shoes are from Forever 21
my purse is Baby the Stars Shine Bright
my jewelry is from Alice and the Pirates, Alchemy, and other places i don't really remember

OKAY BYE cleaning now fml
i love you guys

my wigs :3

so people ask me a lot how many wigs i own, what colors, where do i get them, how do i take care of them, etc. and i always answered, and thought "i should make a post somewhere". i've also been asked maaany times to make one- so here it is.
please note i have so many that i didn't really take the time to get a nice photo of each one, so some will be hilarious and awful. enjoy!

let's the the FQA on top

how much do your wigs cost : $20-$90 i think is the range my current wigs are in
where do you get them : real life. i only own two that i got online. i heavily suggest you find a wig store IRL for your wigs
why : because how a wig looks on a wig head, or someone else, is not how it will look on you
do you cut/style your own wigs : i cut the bangs, nothing more. unless they only need a slight trim or something. i am awful at styling synthetic hair, so i buy them in the style i want them.
do you wash them : lol no. i don't wear them often enough to need to.
do you own any human hair wigs : no. i see no point is spending that much money on something i will almost never wear.
can people tell they're wigs : 9/10 no. most people are wig retarded. now your cosplay, j-rock, lolita friends will be able to tell. but normal people... not really
how long do wigs last : depends on how often you wear them, and how well you take care of them
how do you store them : i keep them in a box, in a bag, in a hair net. the straight/short ones i just keep in a bag, no hair net.
why do you wear wigs : because my real hair can never be as amazing as all my wigs + extensions put together. i like to change my look a lot. also, wigs don't get oily. i always try to wear wigs to events because they wont start looking bad after a couple of hours like your real hair might.

onto the photos!

this is the box i store my wigs in- it's just a purple plastic bin. nothing special.
except two i keep on display, my two ones with falls. just because they look the nicest lol

and these are all the wigs i own (not really i have like 3 more but i am throwing them out. i just haven't yet because i am a hoarder)

and now- here i am in all my wigs

MintyMix wig
i got this wig on a whim, because i had hair falls in black and blonde. not a perfect match, but decently close. the hair falls i got IRL for my ex, but yeah
this wig sheds the most of any i own, but it is also by far the softest wig i have ever had

Gothic Lolita Wig's wig
i love this wig. it is super thick though, and it sheds a lot. but it's so soft.

short wig
idk just a short wig lol. i have no idea why the lighting is so awful in this. oh well.
i got this wig to make it a base wig, but i never got decent falls for it. so it ended up being a every day wig when my hair was super short.

brown curly wig 1
this wig was my every every every day wig when i had short hair. i have worn it well over 100 times, maybe ever 200. it's horribly dirty, the wig cap, from sliding on and off my heavily made up forehead.
i should throw it out, it's very nappy in the back, but i love it too much.

brown curly wig 2
i got this wig to replace the other one. but it's not as nice, darker, thinner, and the bangs wont do as i say! i have worn it like a handful of times.

blonde straight wig
i got this wig for my ex. but i kept it because i'm a hoarder.

blonde curly wig
i got this wig today! to replace the straight one. because i don't really like that one.
and it has falls ~
i did not get it as a set, it was all sold separately. this is my most expensive wig (this trio is like $90)

auburn wig
my GF gave me this. i love it. it's super thick. however it frayed a LOT so i can see why it was so cheap (i think it was like $20 or something crazy like that)

black wig
i got this wig when i was 13 or 14. i hate how i look with black hair.

and lastly my... weird blonde wig
i want to get rid of this wig. anyone want it? lol

and those are my wigs.

Friday, October 14, 2011

money can't buy my love

sure, stuff is nice. and as i just admitted- i have a shopping problem.
but no amount of money can make me like you. to be honest, it makes me a bit uncomfortable when other people buy me stuff (unless we're BFF/lover status)
so i'd much rather get a handful of random, well thought out gifts, than a $200 brand dress that i told you i wanted and you bought for me
i can buy my own stuff, kthx

and amazingly, my girlfriend does this naturally. she's not poor, it's not like she can't afford things for me, but she naturally would rather pick me stuff out herself than just ask me "do you want this? do you want this? what about this?" and i love that about her.
this is what she got me for my birthday.

this amazingly adorable card.

this even more amazingly adorable bat plus
her name is Dot. (with the period like "Dot." is her name. not "Dot".)

a super cute bath towel, which no one will ever use and will be a decoration forever

these cupcake papers ~
which will also never be used

andddd these PJ pants ~ they're bats!

she also sent me a letter with these in it

i love bats.
i am not very hard to shop for, especially not around Halloween.
she also got me a replica of the AP bow purse, in lavender, since i bought it and it got lost in the mail
and something else that she wont tell me what it is but it's still in the mail i think it's something NBC because she said she got me something NBC
(does the fact that it's all caps tell you how excited i am?)

anyway! that was everything i got for my birthday. all in all pretty good.
(my mom also got me Silent Moon JSK + two pairs of socks from Moi-meme-Moitie if you don't follow my tumblr, but i wont make a whole other post just for that lol)