Friday, December 23, 2011

i'm sick of the fact that blogspot is connected to gmail

and i no longer use the gmail account that this is tied to
so i am not using this anymore
if i ever switch back to a real blog i'll not be using a gmail account to do so

real blog posts will be made at

Friday, November 25, 2011

i finally got my ear done

today i got my left ear done, i have 10 piercings now in my left ear. i will go back and do my right once this one is comfortable to sleep on again.
i went to Mos Eisleys, and they are a bit on the pricey side- but i honestly believe it's worth it. this cost me $250 + tip, and while i know i could have gotten cheaper or free
*a little bit on DIY piercings- don't do it unless you seriously know what you're doing have gotten at least 5 done on yourself and watched it be done to many others. and have ALL the professional equipment. it's not so much about making the hole that is difficult, it's the after care. don't take it lightly. it can go very wrong very fast, especially if you do as many as i did. swelling and infection is so hard to deal with if you're an idiot, and will cost you way more to fix then getting it done right the first time.*

i just felt like- i should do it safe and smart this time. really, if i spend $500 on a dress i never wear $250 is not too much for ears i use every day. right?
again, seriously, don't DIY pierce unless you know what you're doing.
not saying don't do it. just saying research, buy the right equipment, and learn before hand.

let's start by saying goodbye to my old ear. 4 simple piercings, or more 3 simple plus a tragus. which i got done at the same place.

we discussed what i wanted, and where i wanted them. he didn't understand what i wanted for the vertical helix's, which makes sense they're not a super common piercing right now (especially where i live omg haha) and told me if i wanted to back off half way he'd refund me- i didn't have to commit to it just because i'd paid all ready.

i kind of laughed, mainly because when i was 14 i did this before (i had 24 piercings in my ears when i was 14/15. my mom bribed me to take them out hahaha). except it was all lobe helix work, but i wasn't really that nervous. when i was in LA i got my tragus, rook, tongue, and navel done in 1 sitting as well- i'm a go big or go home girl.

BUT onto getting it done.
i did rook, forward helix, 3 vertical helix, normal helix. in case you wondered.

most of my photos look like i'm sleeping, just chillin' out. i really like getting piercings.

and of course i love photos of the actual random needle just sitting there

the pain was like a 3-4/10, just not bad at all. if it were longer or constant it'd be more. but i didn't tear up or scream or anything. it's like a 1.5-2/10 now. constant throbbing. grr
it was a bit much, i did take a break after my forward, drank some water. my legs were a bit weak and my stomach hurt- and i did feel my heart beating a bit faster than normal. but nothing bad.
if i'd eaten before i went i wouldn't have felt anything i'm sure.

it was pretty quick, was done in like 40minutes. then i went to the mall and got some new jewelry for my lobes. the pearls don't really go with all the metal.

all in all totally worth it. can't wait to go back to get my jewelry switched and my other ear done.

and the final product ~

it hurts went i smile and chew though. jeez

video if you are too lazy to read? idk

Saturday, November 5, 2011

simple bow nail tutorial

i'm going to start by saying i'm sorry, i had my camera on while i did my second hand but when i finished i looked and it was off. it ran out of batteries somewhere in the middle and i didn't notice.
second these are not how i would have liked for them to turn out. it is very different using this on yourself as apposed to on someone else, the bows came out crooked (though i just kept doing them crooked to match) and i don't know why my gel is drying so strangely.
this is just not my day to shine ~

but onto the tutorial

first is everything you will need
  • nail polish of your choice (i picked Lacey Lilac from idk the brand. it's the round bottles at Walgreens)
  • nail stamp plates, stamper, and scrapper (i use Konda products)
  • rhinestones
  • UV gel
  • UV lamp
  • cotton balls
  • nail polish remover
  • a stick to pick up the rhinestones with
now, onto the steps ~

step one
paint your nails. do not put a top coat on (unless you really want to. it's uneeded)
allow to dry completely

step two
get your nail stamp art tools out, again i use Konda
(you can buy it online or at the Irvine Spectrum Center in Orange)
i am using the simple bow stamp on this wheel

step three
paint the stamp you want to use with a small amount of stamp approved nail polish
you cannot use normal nail polish as it's not thick enough, i have not tried letting my nail polish thick and then using it and don't plan too- but i hear it works

step four
scrape the excess nail polish off with your scrapper tool

step five
stamp the pattern with the stamping tool
this is not a good stamp as you can clearly see, it's imperfect and there is cotton ball residue on it. i did not use this stamp but forgot to take a photo of a clean stamp so- you get the idea.

step six
roll the stamper onto your nail, ROLL do not stamp it on straight down. and then you get this.

step six and a half
use a cotton ball and nail polish remover to clean the plate, stamper, and scrapper if there is a lot of nail polish build up on it- but rubbing the scrapper on paper towel is just as good

step seven
repeat on all nails

step eight
put a very very light coating of UV gel over all your nails, place rhinestones as desired, then put a little more gel on top. cure for 180seconds

and ta-da you're done ~

i am satisfied with like... 5/10 nails... yeah pretty bad. i have only ever used this once before on myself (though many times on fake nails and other people) and i have to say IT IS AMAZINGLY more difficult on yourself. the angles are all messed up, and i can't see as well. uhg i am not happy with these "simple" nails.
they look better now that i'm less mad at life though. ha!

anyway, again, sorry about the lack of video. i might do a short one on a fake nail just to add to this. most likely i will. so that'll be out tomorrow if i do it... mmm

good luck

Thursday, November 3, 2011

small review for Kawaii Shop ModeS4u

what is that shop? well it's an online shop that sells tons of cute "kawaii" Japanese stuff, bento boxes, Rilakkuma merchandise, DIY clay sets, hobby stuff, just tons of stuff for those who like a little sparkle and pink to their life.

you can find their store here
and here on Facebook

i don't feel like i need to say this, but i will just in case. i am not sponsored by anyone i do a review about, i buy all my own stuff so this is my honest opinion not because they gave me it for free
i wish orz

ANYWAY back to the review <3

i placed my order on October 27th, i bought a Rilakkuma iPod and paid $25 for it + $3 shipping.

paid via PayPal - which is an absolute must for me. unless i know the site is a real store (like a mall store) or know someone who has used it i wont buy any other way. why? PayPal favors the buyer like 99% of the time in a dispute, so it's the safest way to buy online. plus you don't want to just be handing out your credit card info to just anyone.

i thought $25 was a bit much for an iPod case, but this looked like a real one and not some cheap knock off so i was like- well w/e it's adorable.

and they sent me an email on the 28th saying it was shipped with a tracking number (although it only says where the package is going, but for $3 that's better than nothing ~) and this statement
"We ship from Hong Kong, therefore, it usually takes between 5-15 business days to arrive. Please be patient. "

of course after my Kiwiberry incident i died inside. why do i always buy from places that ship so slow? but at least this was only $3 instead of $7 and had tracking (sort of)

and wouldn't you know it, only 6 days later i have it here in my hands. how wonderful of them ~

on top of that the packaging was fantastic. this is why i love buying stuff from Asia, they always wrap it up so nice.

it came in an unpaded tie envelope

and inside that was a cute shopping bag wrapping paper

and inside that was a super thick layer of bubble wrap ~

and inside that was my iPod case new in the box and taped closed (i like knowing that it's 100% new, not just in a box) plus a business card and free gift

the case is just perfect, it even has a hole for cell phone charms. how perfect ~
Photobucket Photobucket

and the free gift? Micky and friends tape. i love it, and it's always such a nice little surprise to get things from shops.

all in all i give this place a 5/5
their website is easy to navigate, they are very good at communication, perfect payment method, and great shipping

i would highly recommend them and i will defiantly be buying from them again ~